Destination Linux takes it up a notch!

Destination Linux takes it up a notch!

Was really happy to hear the news about the new Destination Linux Network yesterday.  If you haven't heard about it, here is the part of episode 139 where they do the reveal:

I was wandering around town with my family, looking at sidewalk chalk art, Andy Warhol works in the local museum, and eating tasty wood-fired pizza, all the while sneaking in as much of the live stream as I could.  I was curious what the big reveal was going to be!

Here is the link to Discourse so you can get in on the conversation:  

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I am proud to be a patron for Destination Linux, Linux4Everyone, and many other podcasts.  If you have a few spare dollars a month, you should throw it at projects like this.  It really helps them in so many ways, even beyond the financial.  Gauging how your community views and values content is a lot easier said than done, and support like this can be invaluable.  Head over the right now and show them some love!