I have followed DigitalOcean for quite some time, but for various reasons, I had not taken the time to try out their products.  I decided it was time to take the plunge using one of their $100 credit offers.  I'm glad I did!

As a case in point, this Ghost blog was dead simple to setup.  I told DigitalOcean that I wanted a blog, gave them some information, and out popped a reasonably sized droplet with Ghost configured and running.  I have the access I want on the commandline, as well as the application access necessary to work the Ghost application itself.  No hassle, so simple.

I do find myself in an interesting situation at the moment though.  I signed up/in through Google's OAuth.  All good, until I decided to move the primary address I use out of Google.  Even with still having the G-Suite account, not having my old email as primary makes it so that I cannot log in to the service.  I have opened a ticket with them, and hope to hear back soon.  This droplet will run out of credits soon, and to the card it will go unless I take action!

That is about it for now.  Just babbling while I attempt to regain my console access.